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Checking Accounts
Automated Teller Machines:
Free ATM withdrawals. Members using the share draft/checking account may apply for our automated teller machine (ATM) card which will access any CIRRUS, HONOR and STAR network ATM in the world. It can also be used at any business (grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc.) where you can enter your PIN number. Free withdrawals are allowed at participating credit union ATM's. A nominal charge for balance inquiries on the ATM network is assessed.

Ask about Operation SafeSwitch!
Our program to help you switch your checking to your credit union safely.

Savvy financial advisors will always ask if you have access to credit union membership. They then recommend switching everything other than investment funds over to your credit union. They know that using credit union services will save you thousands of dollars over the years. It is their job to create wealth for you and their fees are based on your investment balances. So, they don't want you to waste money paying higher fees for the same or often better services.

We offer Share Draft (checking) accounts that have no minimum balance, no per check fees and free ATM transactions at participating credit union ATM's for a flat $1 per month charge. We do not charge our members anything for ATM transactions. Summit CUBS and Young Trust Share Draft accounts do not have a monthly fee and they receive dividends paid monthly. Our share draft account provides members with carbonless copies of checks as they are written. They're pre-numbered to match the originals, which are not returned, but instead, are microfilmed for you. Copies are available for a nominal charge. This lowers our operating costs. Monthly statements show the check number, date and the amount of the checks cleared.

Net pay direct deposit, electronic debits (insurance drafts, etc) and automatic transfers to and from savings and loan accounts are available.

Overdraft Protection may be provided by an Overdraft Protection Loan (for qualified borrowers) and/or by transfers from any of your deposit accounts in the order that you specify. All funds except $50 in your prime share accounts may be used to pay overdrafts.

Share Draft Application
Click below to download the Share Draft Application in a PDF format.

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