About Us

What is Your Credit Union?

When you join Palmetto Trust FCU you open the door to a world of financial services and benefits. Your credit union is a financial cooperative composed of members united by a charter. Credit unions are the only financial cooperatives in America. Together, our members save money and make loans to other members from amassed funds. Our principal benefits are the promotion of saving money and the provision of loans for productive purposes at competitive interest rates. Our goal is to help each of our members be at their financial best. 

Please take notice.  The credit union is obligated to comply with the U. S. Patriot's act and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). All existing member and potential member accounts are subject to screening in accordance of these said acts.  The credit union will request identification, i.e. current drivers license, on all accounts opened.   

How It's Composed...

The Palmetto Trust Federal Credit Union was chartered December 22, 1953, under the laws of the Federal Credit Union Act. The continuous and expanded use of your credit union by members has assured our growth and stability - to the status of a multi-million dollar financial institution. This credit union has two principal governing bodies. (1) The board of directors elected by the members. The directors set policies and govern the overall vision of the credit union. (2) The supervisory committee, appointed by the chairman and confirmed by the board, is responsible for audits and federal examinations which inspect the credit union's records and verify that procedures comply with bylaws, board policies, state and federal regulations. 

Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

Theresa B. Singleton, Chair
Robert C. Smith, Vice Chair
B. Dale Lowder, Treasurer
Philip M. Taylor, Secretary
Raymond Jensen
Herbert R. Koon, Jr.
Carol E. Stackhouse



Anya Little-Knight, Vice-President, Operations and Development
Deborah Johnson, Projects
Pat Days, Garrett Branch Manager and Loan Officer
Lucile Beckwith, President and CEO, Administration and Planning
Marcia Amos, Accounting and Purchasing, Collections, Card Services
Shannon Graves, Lead Member Service, Loan Officer 
Stacie Nunes, Member Service
Jessica Taylor, Member Service

Supervisory Committee
Carol E. Stackhouse, Chairman
Delores J. Reeves
Arnold Miller
R. Gregg White